what we

look for

We are looking for exciting new fiction writers in any genre. We promise to respect your work as an artist and we actively promote diversity in our network.


If this sounds like the right fit for you please get in touch or submit your work on our submissions page!




Submitting couldn't be easier. Follow the below process:



  • Submit up to two extracts of fiction writing or short stories in pdf format (up to 2000 words each) via our submissions form.


  • Clearly label your file with your name as well as the name of the piece.


  • Remeber to use the © symbol along with your name and publication date. Although work is automatically subject to copyright protection under law it is good practice to have this on all your work. Read more about copyright law in the UK here.


  • Read and accept our terms of submission below.



Terms of 


Ownership of your material is solely your responsibility, including copywrite. By submitting your work you do not enter into any contractual agreement with us and are free to promote, submit and enter your material to any third party as desired. You may at anytime request for your material and personal details to be removed from our website, social media accounts and database.  


By submitting your material we do not automatically accept promoting or hosting it and it shall be subject to a review process.


By accepting our terms of submission you agree that:


  • You are free to promote the material submitted without infringing any existing contractual agreement, laws or rights.

  • The work you have submitted is your own, is not owned in part or in whole by any third party and does not infringe on any copywrite, plagiarism or similar laws.

  • You are solely liable for any pursuant law suite or legal action brought about by any third party by the promotion of your submitted material

  • Integral Fiction has the right to deny and cease promoting the material at any time.

  • Your material will be processed by digital tools to check for plagiarism, authenticity and quality.

  • Integral Fiction has the right to retain analytical data on the material submitted indefinitely such as the number of words, number of spelling mistakes, type of material and any other data that cannot be used to reproduce the material.

  • Integral Fiction has the right to process that data obtained for internal use, analysis and anonymised statistical publicity.